Guest DJ Smooth Wk51 2018

Smootch is the alter ego of Danny.
In his early years he started to experiment with some vinyl.
And got hooked on house music in the late 90s.
All of these years he has been playing different events, more for the fun than the fame.
He never wanted to be in the middle of the spotlight so was never to eager to push thru.
After some time he also started to create some hip hop beats and also started to make his own music, he never wanted to follow a specific genre and always produced what he felt at that single moment.
This also came back in his dj style because he always played what he felt like or what music he liked at that moment, so he is not a dj that can be put in one kind of corner and can be allround from EDM and house music to deep/tech-house and techno.
These days he just plays for the fun and not the fame and still keeps on producing what he likes, so please enjoy this journey with some great music from Smootch.

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